Course Description

Learn To Become The Next Amazon Best Seller With What I Teach.. Guaranteed! The Course Contains Instant Working Amazon FBA Program Tips! (100% Five Star Reviews)

The goal of this course it to give out a promotional strategy so you can dominate Amazon with ANY PRODUCT you choose to private label.

If you have taken another Amazon course and are stuck and cannot seem to find success, this is the perfect course for you. This course skips all the fluff presented in other courses.

This course skips the basics: creating an Amazon account, finding FBA products, FBA requirements, and sourcing products BUT You'll find all these topics covered in the 150+ pages eTextbook "How to Crush it on Amazon" Deluxe version.

This course was designed to be consumed in one sitting so you can take immediate action. It lays out a clear plan for you to follow so you can have success the likes of which you have never seen before within the first two weeks.

This course will pay for itself by giving you tips to save you money on Day 1 and provides exclusive discounts for services that assist Amazon Sellers.

First course sponsored by FBAForward and HonestFew.

What are the requirements?

  • Basic internet skills
  • Basic understanding of Amazon and it's FBA program

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 27 lectures and 2 hours of content!
  • How to position your product at the top of any category
  • How to earn and maintain the perfect Best Seller Rank
  • Earn money working from Home
  • Learn the path of least resistance in creating a top product
  • Have more control over your Amazon business
  • Have more control over your conversion rate
  • Fully understand what matters when it comes to your Amazon listing
  • Savings from the top Amazon Seller assisting services

What is the target audience?

  • Anyone who wants to make money from home
  • If you are confused by a previous Amazon course, this will give you the guidance you need
  • If you are familiar with Amazon or already have a product and still struggling to find success

Reviews from Students

This course is currently rated a 4.8 on

30 Day Money Back Guarantee if you feel this course is not for you.

If you are currently selling on Amazon you can start having success you've never seen before as soon as tomorrow

See you inside!

Senior Instructor

Jonathan Bowser

Jon Bowser is currently based in Chesapeake, VA. Bowser is a recent graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University where he traded his Criminal Justice degree for a pursuit in entrepreneurship. After various entrepreneurial endeavors decided to lean on his minor in English and create a book to guide young entrepreneurs in the physical products space. This led to the creation of his debut How-To guide "How to Crush it on Amazon: Create a Brand and Build a Million Dollar Business in a Year" currently available on the Amazon marketplace. A truly unique offer in its space as it is the only How-To book covering the subject matter that offers coaching support for buyers.Bowser's future plans are to not only run his own business, but act as a consultant to his book purchasers and various companies who reach out.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Review and Overview

    • Introduction

    • Topics Not Covered

    • Brand Strategy

    • Best FBA Products

    • Recommendations

    • Notes for Lectures: Review and Overview

  • 2


    • Four Things Matter

    • Product Photography

    • Reviews

    • Initial Reviews Plan

    • Listing Optimization Plan

    • Hidden Keyword Spaces

    • Notes for Lectures: Pre-launch

  • 3


    • Launch Services

    • Costs

    • Buying Your Way to the Top

    • Reviews Follow Up

    • Launch Keyword Strategy

    • Notes for Lectures: Launch

  • 4

    Beyond Amazon

    • Round 2 Launch; Why?

    • Product 2

    • Brand Building

    • K.I.S.S.

    • Create an Innovative Product

    • Online Product Differentiators

    • Tips for Ads

    • Next Step Platforms

    • Selling Your Business

    • Notes for Lectures: Beyond Amazon

  • 5

    Extra Credit

    • Live Product Case Study

    • Tools I Use

    • Addendum to Initial Reviews Plan

    • Urgent: Tip for Amazon Sellers

    • Join Our Facebook Group

    • Amazon PPC Strategy

    • Ad Anatomy

    • Influencer Marketing

    • Launch Sequence

    • Notes for Lectures: Extra Credit

    • Amazon Basics Lecture

    • Amazon Basics Lecture- Foreign-Can I Sell From Foreign Country

    • How to Find Low Cost Suppliers

    • Best Way to Find Products (SEARCH STRING REPLACEMENT!)

  • 6

    Question and Answers

    • How Can I Make 100k in My First Year Selling On Amazon

    • How Can I Make the Most out of Amazon PPC

    • How Can I Successfully Analyze Keyword Competition

    • How do I know if there's enough demand for a product to private label it and sell it on Amazon

    • How Do You Maximize Keyword Relevancy On Amazon PPC

    • How Much Does Amazon Take per Sale

    • Is there a way to look at the top 1000 bestsellers not only the top 100

    • Should I Have a Shopify Store-Should I Build a Store For My Amazon Products

    • Should My First Order Have My Logo or Not

    • What are the Best Product Categories For Beginners

    • What Criteria Does Amazon use to Calculate best seller's rank?

    • What Mistake Should I Watch Out For

  • 7

    Launch Principles Update (2018)

    • Private Label Business Cycle

    • Sales Velocity over Sales History

    • How to Launch Your Products for the top of Amazon Rank

    • Keeping Your Rank Once It's Achieved

    • How to Build a 100k Business

  • 8

    Beginner's Corner

    • What is a Private Label?

    • Absolute Best Product Possible...

    • The Launch Strategy

    • Steps to Creating an Amazon FBA Business

    • Taxes

    • Shipping (The Basics and Recommendations)

    • "Shopify v Amazon" My Recommendations